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I’ve come across your products but not sure which one is best suited for me ?

Below is a list of our products and areas of health that they focus on.

Xpanded Brain:

Focus, Memory improvement, Brain Fog, flow state.


A Microdose product for Depression, lack of connection, cultivating present moment awareness.


A Microdose Product for Neurogenesis (Brain Health), Dementia, Alzheimers, and overall mood improvement.


This is our best selling Anti-Anxiety product.  Great for social anxiety and grounding yourself. 

Black Gold:

Complete multi vitamin, immune booster, Vitality and Hormone balancing. Google “benefits of Shilajit” for an extensive list.

Shroom Plex:

Full Spectrum Medicinal Mushroom Blend containing Lions Mane, Reishi, Chaga & Cordyceps.  This product offers a range of benefits and is an incredible adaptogen. 


A natural alternative for Pain Relief, social anxiety and mood improvement.

Prime Sleep:

A non-habit forming product to assist with relaxation and sleep.

Apex Athlete:

Natural energy boost and pre workout for men and woman. Testosterone increase for men and hormone balancing for woman. Overall Vitality aswell as stress reduction.

Master Zen:

Combination of Ashwagandha and L-theanine - Designed to combat stress by reducing cortisol levels and helping maintain a relaxed alertness + flow state


Can I combine your products together and take them simultaneously ? 

The short answer is Yes ! there is no problem with combining any of our products, however we do have a few suggestions and words of caution.

Combining any of the Microdose products, will cause quite a powerful noticeable effect, so make sure you are prepared and are comfortable with each product individually before combining them.

Spacing out the use of the products is also recommended, for instance using the MicroAwareness and Xpanded Brain on the same day, what we would recommend is using the MicroAwareness in the morning and the Xpanded Brain in the early afternoon.

The effects of each product are unique,  so find what works for you and use each product for its purpose.

There is no right or wrong way to consume our products, trust your intuition and listen to your body.


Are your products safe for children ?

Yes they are – however we must state that our products are not regulated by SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Agency) and therefore we advise you to try the products yourself as well as familiarize yourself with the ingredients of each product and make the decision for yourself.


If I order today, when will I receive my Order?

We ship products the next working day with the standard courier service and all Pargo Pickup point orders will get shipped on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  Once the product has been shipped it will arrive within 2-5 working days depending on your location in South Africa.

Can you explain your various shipping options?

Absolutely - we have two services that you can select when checking out, the first one is 'Pargo - click and collect' which is a pickup point option, how it works is that once you have made payment, it will redirect you to a page that will allow you to select a convenient pick up point in your area, you will also be notified throughout the process and when the product arrives. 

Our other option is standard courier to your door, we use The Courier Guy as they are the most reliable and efficient courier company we have dealt with, their deliveries are also super quick.


Are your Products Vegan?

Yes – our Capsules are Vegan HPMC Capsules.


Microdosing FAQ : 

I am new to microdosing, where and how do I start? 

If you are new to microdosing – we recommend starting with our MicroAwareness blend.

We recommend starting your day with your chosen microdose product and 500ml Water, and wait atleast 1 hour before consuming Caffeine or Food.

Try to carry on with your day as usual and don’t sit around expecting some big thing to happen, often times the more someone “searches” for something to happen, the more unlikely it is that they find it because their mind is getting in the way.

As your awareness increases and you notice the subtle shifts, the power of the microdosing will automatically become apparent.


How do I get the most out of my Microdose experience?

Its very simple – how you start your day, sets the tone for your day.

That’s why we recommend Microdosing in the morning as well as the following:

If you are able to, try to cultivate a calm and relaxing environment for the 1st hour after Microdosing.

Some practices to really enhance the benefits include 10-20 min Guided Breathwork, Meditation, or a walk in nature.

A conscious start to the day free from mobile devices and social media, is the best way to ensure a calm mind.


What can I expect when I Microdose?

The honest answer is that it will vary from person to person, as each person is unique and the Microdose will always provide you with what you need, and not what you want.

For some people it might bring up emotions that have been repressed and need to be released, or issues might arise that need to be worked through, and for others it might cultivate a strong connection to the present moment and all that it offers.

Although you are Microdosing – don’t underestimate the power of these ancient medicines.

Treat them with respect and they will assist you beyond comprehension.

It is also wise to have an intention around the reason as to why you are Microdosing, and journaling is another fantastic idea, especially on days when you are not Microdosing in order to fully integrate and cultivate awareness around the subtle shifts that the Microdosing is providing in your life.


What protocol should I follow for Microdosing?

There are various recommendations such as the Fadiman Protocol or the Stamets Protocol, however when it comes to choosing what will suit you, we recommend the following:

The most important thing to remember is to cycle between On days and Off days. If you have an acute case of depression for eg,  then its fine to do 5 days consecutively, however this should be followed by a 2 day break atleast.  So always remember – within a week period, you should always have atleast 2 days off, and then anything less is of course fine.

Another thing we would like to add is this – the Microdosing experience is very much environment dependant.  And so instead of being dead set on following a specific protocol, start to listen to your intuition and depending on the day, choose whether to Microdose or not.


I Have Anxiety and Depression, how would I approach this ?

We recommend a combined use of our MicroAwareness and MicroEuphoria product in the following way:

Start the day with a MicroAwareness and then take a MicroEuphoria in the afternoon.  This is purely a recommendation and can be adjusted accordingly.


I am on Medication for Depression / Anxiety, and I want to get off of them, can Microdosing help?

Yes, we have helped a lot of people taper off of anti depressants etc with a Microdosing protocol however we need to add the following:

Due to everyone having unique challenges with regards to their overall mental health, combined with a variety of medications, we can not guarantee anything.

There is no contra indications in general for our natural products with various medications, but what could happen when combined with pharmaceutical medication, is simply a reduced effect of the Microdose,  so we recommend the following:

Taper off use of your medication by slowly reducing intake, and whilst you do that start a Microdosing protocol, or even better if you can replace your medication with a Microdose, and can manage, then that is even better.

A word of warning: We chat to people on a regular basis who are facing the challenge of trying to stop these medications which are overly prescribed and causing more harm than good in the long term to your overall health.

The sooner you can get to the root cause of what is causing your mental health issues the better.


Can I get addicted to Microdosing?

No, if you consume too much over time your body builds up a tolerance and you will have diminishing returns in terms of Microdosing effect. This is why you should follow a protocol of ‘On’ days and ‘Off’ days.

The only product of ours that has the potential for abuse with negative consequences, is Kratom – which is not classified as a Microdose however because it is such a great natural way to combat pain, anxiety and mood disorders – and combined with the fact that it stimulates your opiate receptors – if over used you can form a dependence on it, so use it responsibly. 


Can I combine the Microdose products or take more than one capsule?

Yes however please take note of the following:

Do not take more than one microStack at a time, as the niacin flush will become very intense.  Besides that, you can combine them, however we recommend this only for experienced Microdosers as the effects can become quite powerful.

Get used to each product by itself before starting to combine them.