About us

 Hello 👋🏼

For those who do not know, lifexpanded was born from a vision that we had as a couple to make health easy, affordable and accessible to South Africans 🇿🇦🌱

About us

With our combined years of seeking in the ‘health world’, it became apparent that certain pillars of health were lacking in the field. It all began with a need to fill in the gaps of where traditional medicine had failed us. We therefore took it upon ourselves to make sure that not only physical health was catered for, but mental & emotional health as well 💪🏼 🧠♥️

With 6years + of experience in the health industry we are proud of each and every product on our shelves. We use only organic and locally sourced ingredients with zero fillers, synthetic ingredients or additives, so that you get only the good stuff 👌🏼

We are a brand dedicated to help you Xpand in all areas of Life 🌏

At lifexpanded we believe that food is medicine, however the nutritional content & quality of foods is half of what it used to be. This is unfortunately due to poor soil condition and all the chemicals being sprayed on our crops. With that being said, supplementing with high quality and well sourced ingredients is becoming more important than ever now to reach your mineral & nutrient requirements. 

We are strong believers in the power of the Fungi Kingdom which hold the ability to treat and prevent multiple illness and disease in the body. We source the top quality organic mushrooms that is then infused into most of our products.

Every product is capsuled, labelled and packaged with love from us! And we appreciate every single one of you for being a part of the lifexpanded family 🤍

We are looking forward to spending our lives together pushing the limits of what is possible with the ever Xpanding vision for our brand. 


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